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The Department of Classics



* Professor Hannah M. Cotton (faculty profile) is a historian of Rome, who writes on provincial administration and jurisdiction under the Reoublic and the Empire. She published the Latin and Greek papyri and ostraca from Masada (1989) and the Greek papyri from Nahal Hever (1997). Her work on the papyrology of the Roman Near East concentrates on Jewish, Greek, Roman and Nabataean legal and "diplomatic" practices and their interrelations.



1996. ‘Subscriptions and Signatures in the Papyri from the Judaean Desert: The CEIROCRHSTHS, Journal of Juristic Papyrology 25, 29-40.

            This article impinges on diplomatics, and should be read together with:

2003. '“Diplomatics” or External Aspects of the Legal Documents from the Judaean Desert: Prolegomena’, in Rabbinic Law in its Roman and Near Eastern Context, ed. C. Hezser, Tuebingen, 49-61".

2002. ‘Jewish Jurisdiction under Roman Rule: Prolegomena’, Zwischen den Reichen: Neues Testament und Römische Herrschaft. Vorträge auf der ersten Konferenz der European Association for Biblical Studies, TANZ 36, M. Labahn and J. Zangenberg, eds., Tübingen, 5-20.

            This article is really about arbitration.

2007. ‘Private International Law or Conflicts of Laws: Reflections on Roman Provincial Jurisdiction’, in: Der Alltag der römischen Administration in der Hohen Kaiserzeit, eds. R. Haensch and I. Heinrich, 235-55.

            An attempt to use the conceptual framework of private international law in order to understand better Roman provincial jurisdiction.





* Dr. Uri Yiftach-Firanko studies Greek and Roman law and the social and economic history of the Hellenistic and the Roman world. In particular, Yiftach-Firanko studies diachronic and regional diversities in the structure of documentary papyri—a valuable and largely underused means of studying the evolution of Greek law in the Hellenistic and Roman periods. He edits papyri of legal and administrative contents, and is involved in the organization different Israeli and international projects and seminars relating to his fields of interest. He is also one of the creators of the Israeli Forum for the Research in Legal History of the Ancient and Pre-Industrial World and organizer of Events and Activities of the Forum.



2003.   Marriage and Marital Arrangements. A History of the Greek Marriage Document in Egypt. 4th Century BCE—4th Century CE, Münchener Beiträge zur Papyrusforschung and antiken Rechtsgeschichte  93 (Munich).

2006.    ‘Regionalism in Legal Documents: the Case of Oxyrhynchos,’ Symposion 2003, Akten der Gesellschaft für Griechische und Hellenistische Rechtsgeschichte 17: 347-365.

2006b. Spouses in Wills: A Diachronic Survey (III BC-IV AD), Journal of Juristic Papyrology  36: 153-166.

2007.   'The rise of the hypomnêma as a lease contract in the first century Arsinoites,’ in J. Frösén et. al. (edd.) Proceedings of the XXIV International Congress of Papyrology, Helsinki 1st-7th of August 2004 (Societas Scientiarum Finica) Vol. II 1051-1061.

Forthcoming. Law and Society in Greek and Roman Egypt (Cambridge) with J. .Manning and J. Keenan.



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