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The Alan Watson Foundation Prize


Alan Watson Prize Recipients


Each year the Foundation receives a number of award nominations for the Alan Watson Prize. The Foundation annually announces Calls for Papers on a specific comparative topic. Papers may be written in both English and Serbian. All students are encouraged to apply. Prize recipients are selected by Prof. Sima Avramovic.


2014/2015 Competition winner is Ana Tešić by receiving Second Prize. Aleksandar Marković received Third Prize.

Dušica Dimitrijevic  and  Uroš Babić received Merits on their papers.


*Ana Tešić, Second Prize, 2015

*Aleksandar Marković, Third Prize, 2015

*Dušica Dimitrijević, Merit, 2015

*Uroš Babić, Merit, 2015

*Isidora Miletić, First Prize, 2013

*Vladimir Petrović, Second Prize, 2012

*Miloš Čavić, Second Prize, 2011

*Mladen Tišma, Merit, 2010

*Mladen Tišma, First Prize, 2009

*Marko Mrkonjić, First Prize, 2008

*Petar Zorić, Second Prize, 2008

*Milica Vukčević, Third Prize, 2008

*Stefan Petrovič, Merit, 2008

*Ana Batricević, First Prize, 2007

*Nikola Selaković, First Prize, 2007

*Miroslav Đorđević, First Prize, 2006

*Radivoje Ranković, Second Prize, 2006





2014/15 Competition



The Alan Watson Foundation announces the 2014/15 Competition. This year, students are expected to prepare a research paper on the following topic:


Legal Transplants and Vidovdan Constitution of 1921


All students of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law are eligible to apply. The paper may be written in Serbian or English. Awarded papers and Alan Watson Prize Recipients will be announced on the websites of the Alan Watson Foundation and the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. The  fund for the First Prize is 150 for 2014/15. The deadline for submissions is January 20, 2015.


For inquiries and details, as well as to arrange consultations, please contact us.








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