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Electronic Publications:

Other Scholarly Works


* The Oregon Constitution: Legal Borrowing And Sources Of Law (by Bradley J. Nicholson)

* A Brief Guide to Understanding American Courts (by Marvin K. Hoffman)

*Antichresis, Hemiolia and the Statutory Limit on Interest in Gerard Noodt’s de Foenore et Usuris (by Philip Thomas)

*Clinical Legal History - A New Teaching Method (by Sima Avramović)

*Comparative Law: Law, Reality and Society – first three chapters of the book (by Alan Watson)

*Globalisation and the Challenge of Asian Legal Transplants in Europe (by Prakash Shah)

*Legal Transplants and European Private Law (by Alan Watson)

*Legal Transplants and the Code of Serbian Tsar Stephan Dushan (by Ana Batrićević)

*Lord Mansfield: Judicial Integrity or its Lack; Somerset’s Case (by Alan Watson)

*On the Estate of Menecles (by Miroslav Đorđević, Ana Batrićević and Viktor Milosavljević)

*Review: Michael Gagarin and David Cohen., The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Greek Law (by Sima Avramovic)

*Sumer and Akkad: Society and Legal Change (by Viktor Milosavljević)

*The Rhetra of Epithadeus and Testament in Spartan Law (by Sima Avramović)

*The 'Weak Law': Contaminations and Legal Cultures (by Pier Giuseppe Monateri)

*Theorizing the Diffusion of Law in an Age of Globalization: Conceptual Difficulties, Unstable Imaginations, and the Effort to Think Gracefully Nonetheless (by David Westbrook)



*”Imperium und Provinzen” (Zentrale und Regionen). Internationales Sommerseminar in Antiker Rechtgeschichte. Sarajevo 2006. Herausgegeben von Dr Gerhard Thür und Dr Zdravko Lučić

*Die Einheit des “Griechischen Rechts”.

Gedanken zum Prozessrecht in den griechischen Poleis (Etica & Politica / Ethics & Politics, IX, 2007, 1, pp. 25–54)

*”Démocratie antique et projet de Constitution européenne”, D. DLUGOSZ (dir.), Grecs, Juifs, Polonais. A la recherche des racines de la civilisation européenne, Varsovie-Paris 2006, pp. 33–41

*“La privation de sépulture dans l’antiquité grecque”, Vorträge zur griechischen und hellenistischen Rechtsgeschichte, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien 2007, pp. 259–268



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Resource Readings on Legal Transplants,

the Diffusion of Law and Related Topics



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