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The Department of Bible



* Professor Shalom M. Paul (faculty profile): Professor Emeritus, was Chairman of the Bible Department, specialist of biblical and Ancient Near East studies:



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Forthcoming: "אגרון דיפלומטי למס מנחה ולמתנות במקרא ובמזרח הקדום", בתוך: ספר היובל לכבוד מאיר גרובר (בדפוס)  “A Diplomatic Lexicon of Tribute and Gifts in the Bible and the Ancient Near East,” in: Meir Gruber Jubilee Volume (forthcoming).





* Prof. Alexander Rofe's interests cover the history of biblical literature and religion, text-criticism and interpretation, as well as biblical law:



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2005. "Defilement of Virgins in Biblical Law and the Case of Dinah (Genesis 34)", Biblica 86: 369-375.



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