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Professor Alan Watson’s visit to Serbia




One of the major purposes of Prof. Watson’s visit to Serbia was the expansion of the Foundation and its activities. The Alan Watson Foundation (AWF) plans to extend its fundraising activities and facilitate international conferences on the importance of legal transplants and the diffusion of law in the context of civil society development in Southeastern Europe. These activities will be aimed at developing cross-border cooperation among the universities of Southeastern Europe as well as at understanding legal transplants and their role in civil society development in the countries of transition.


During his ten-day visit to Serbia, Prof. Watson visited the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law and accomplished a variety of activities relevant to the performance and development of the Alan Watson Foundation. On April 25, he conducted a discourse on contemporary aspects of legal transplants, accompanied by Professors Sima Avramović and Zoran Mirković. Two days later, he held a lecture on legal education in the U.S. for the members of Forum Romanum Legal History Society. Prof. Watson and the participants also discussed the importance of public speaking skills with regard to the system of legal education, what was especially interesting and useful for the students of rhetoric.


Prof. Watson also met with the Dean of our School of Law, the students who participate in the Moot Court Program, as well as previous Alan Watson Prize Recipients. He also visited Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci, where he was taken to the oldest high school in Serbia, visited a local church, and the Antiquity Fair in Belgrade.







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