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ALAN WATSON (1933–2018) necrologue by Sima Avramović






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Prof. Sima Avramovic

Prof. Sima Avramović






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David A. Westbrook

Professor of Law

Floyd H. & Hilda L. Hurst Faculty Scholar

State University of New York


In a place of mixed and sometimes conflicting allegiances, the Alan Watson Foundation works to deepen our abilities to understand others through their laws.  The importance of this work is not only a matter of the knowledge or even wisdom thereby acquired.  The puzzles in comparative law (which reveal themselves as the mysteries of law itself) form an ideal conceptual terrain for civilized conversations -- there is always more to say, and so talks may be continued.  I, and no doubt many others worldwide who care about such discourses, who care that conversations go forward, applaud the Foundation for the invitations, for its energy and enthusiasm, and for being such good scholars, interlocutors, and hosts.



Paul du Plessis

Lecturer in Law

University of Edinburgh


The Alan Watson Foundation is a fitting tribute to one of the most influential legal scholars of this generation. A gifted Romanist, legal historian and comparative lawyer, Alan Watson has shown with his impressive body of scholarship the extent to which modern law is indebted towards legal history. It is good to see that his legacy lives on through this centre.



European Network on Law and Society

Prof. André-Jean Arnaud



Congratulations to Prof. Alan Watson!


Should you want the news from your Foundation to be sent to the Colleagues affiliated to our European Network on Law and Society (RED&S), please mail your news to us.


All the best,


Prof. Dr. André-Jean Arnaud, President



Prof. Jan M. Smits

Chair of European Private Law

Tilburg University School of Law


…May I congratulate you on this wonderful website? It is a well-deserved token of appreciation for my friend Alan, who is beyond doubt one of our best comparative lawyers and legal historians…


Best regards,


Jan Smits



University of Ghent School of Law

Legal History Newsletter – June 2007


De Alan Watson Foundation, een vzw van de Universiteit van Belgrado, meldt dat zij een nieuwe rubriek “online publications” heeft op haar website, met teksten over rechtsvergelijking en rechtgeschiedenis. Mensen die dit wensen, kunnen hier hun artikels op laten plaatsen. Het feit dat een artikel op deze website verschijnt, verhindert niet dat de artikels nog elders gepubliceerd kunnen worden.



Marko Petrak

Professor of Roman Law

University of Zagreb


…I took a look at the website. Congratulations, it looks admirably! It is now in my favorites. I am especially pleased that you managed to gather around such young and promising people (Ana and Viktor) for this project…








Prof. David Westbrook











Edinburgh Roman Law Group

Dr Paul Du Plessis







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Prof. Jan Smits







Universiteit Gent








Prof. Marko Petrak


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