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Ana Batricević Receives

the Alan Watson Prize




Descriptive Narrative


Law student with a passion to learn and enhance analytical skills in a variety of legal disciplines. Strong written and oral communication skills. Analytical problem solver. Dedicated, self-motivated and highly professional. Strongly familiar with the Balkans’ regional socioeconomic and other transitional issues. Acclimatized to cross-cultural settings.


Educational Background


Graduate Student, Theory of Law, 2004 to present, University of Belgrade Faculty of Law

G.P.A.: 9.85/10


Language Skills


English – Fluent, Italian – Fluent, Serbian – Fluent, German – Intermediate.

* Classical Languages: basic knowledge of Latin.


University Engagements


Editorial Associate, law journal “Annals of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade”, 2007 to present


Project Coordinator, Alan Watson Foundation, 2007 to present


Member, Forum Romanum Legal History Society, 2005 to present


Member of the following Professional Study Groups at the UB School of Law:

(1)     Administrative Law, 2006/07

(2)     Criminal Law, 2005/06

(3)     Constitutional Law, 2005/06

(4)     Legal History, 2004/05

(5)     Roman Law, 2004/05




Alan Watson Foundation (Belgrade, Serbia)

First Prize Recipient, Research Paper, entitled "Legal Transplants and the Code of Serbian Tsar Stephan Dushan: A Comparative Study", 2007


Italian Cultural Center (Belgrade, Serbia)

Italian Proficiency Certificate, 2007


Milivoje Jovanovic and Luka Celovic Fund (University of Belgrade)

First Prize Recipient, Research Paper: "The Law of Marriage in Compliance with the Serbian Orthodox Church", 2006


University of Cambridge (Belgrade, Serbia)

CAE ESOL Examinations (Studies in English Advanced), 2005


University of Belgrade Faculty of Law

Best Student Awards, 2005


Published Research Papers


Batricevic, Ana, "Legal Transplants and the Code of Serbian Tsar Stephan Dushan: A Comparative Study", Belgrade: University of Belgrade (December 22, 2006). Available at SSRN:


Batricevic, Ana, "Marriage in Compliance with the Serbian Orthodox Church" (March 22, 2006). Available at SSRN: (in Serbian)


Batricevic, Ana, et al, "On the Estate of Menecles", in Thuer G., Lucic Z., Imperium und Provinzen, Sarajevo, 2006)


Unpublished Papers (in Serbian)


"The definitions and the Classifications of Penalty", 2006


"The Position and Significance of the House of Lords in the 20th Century", 2006


"The Status of Women in Roman Law", 2005


"Rhetoric in Ancient Greece", 2004


"On Christianity", 2004


Social Skills and Competences


Distinctly acclimatized to cross-cultural settings via working with people of diverse backgrounds, and taking part in conferences comprising various spheres of social life. Being a member of study groups at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, enhanced skills in the field of rhetoric, cooperated with students, professors, both domestic and foreign, participated in smaller projects, and wrote essays.


Computer Skills


Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office tools (PowerPoint, Word, Excel), Internet, and e-mail.

Solid word processing and typewriting skills.




Ana Batricevic

Ana Batrićević, Alan Watson Prize Winner




Ana Batrićević and Prof. Alan Watson




Additional Information:

*"Legal Transplants and the Code of Serbian Tsar Stephan Dushan"

*"Marriage in Compliance with the Serbian Orthodox Church" (in Serbian)

*"On the Estate of Menecles" – Simulation of Ancient Athenian Court



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