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Acta Diurna, the Monthly Bulletin of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, November 2007




The Alan Watson Foundation (AWF) opened a new chapter in its development. Established in 2005 for essay prizes for the students of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, the Alan Watson Foundation today represents a significant source for scholarly research in the field of comparative law and legal history. The Foundation’s website encloses a number of scholarly papers written by distinguished academics from various countries, legal history and comparative law news, and other relevant information in accordance with the mission of the Foundation.


By gathering around the international scientific community devoted to research of law in its social context, AWF is dedicated to the advocacy and development of comparative law and legal history via developing international cooperation in these fields, publishing electronic publications, information dissemination and other activities.


Prof. David Westbrook, a distinguished scholar at the New York State University points out that “in a place of mixed and sometimes conflicting allegiances, the Alan Watson Foundation works to deepen our abilities to understand others through their laws.  The importance of this work is not only a matter of the knowledge or even wisdom thereby acquired.  The puzzles in comparative law (which reveal themselves as the mysteries of law itself) form an ideal conceptual terrain for civilized conversations -there is always more to say, and so talks may be continued”. As maintained by Westbrook, there are many others worldwide who care about such discourses, who care that conversations go forward, and this is how he envisions the perspective of this initiative.


Prof. André-Jean Arnaud, President of the European Network for Law and Society (Réseau Européen Droit & Société) supported the Foundation’s efforts by disseminating information pertaining to AWF activities to the colleagues affiliated to this network. Prof. Jan Smits, Chair of European Private Law at the Maastricht University School of Law, who sent his congratulations to the Foundation, holds this initiative for a well-deserved token of appreciation for Alan Watson. Prof. Marko Petrak, who teaches Roman law at the University of Zagreb, stated that it is nice to hear that Prof. Sima Avramovic, President of the Alan Watson Foundation appointed promising students Ana Batricevic and Viktor Milosavljevic for project coordinators of this initiative. Other renowned academics, such as Gerhard Thuer, distinguished professor at the Karl Franzens University of Graz and a member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Paul du Plessis, lecturer in Roman Law at the University of Edinburgh and Andéas Helmis, Professor of History of Law at the University of Athens, also expressed their appreciation for the efforts of the Foundation. Furthermore, the news on the Foundation’s electronic publications was published in Legal History Newsletter of the University of Ghent School of Law.


In its future efforts, the Alan Watson Foundation will assemble a significant number of eminent comparativists and legal historians whose strength and enthusiasm will contribute to its development into a leading international association for the studies of comparative law, legal history and the diffusion of law in various social spaces.






Acta Diurna

Acta Diurna, the Monthly Bulletin of the

University of Belgrade Faculty of Law





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