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Roman Law Links





A portal site created by Professor Ernest Metzger (hosted by Glasgow University). It contains a host of useful information (especially names and contact details of legal historians). Also see





This is an Italian portal site with similar aims to that of the Metzger site. It is particularly useful for keeping informed of the newest Italian literature on Roman law.





This is an online collection of sources known as the Roman law library. It is particularly useful for sources.





This is a portal site containing a number of interesting links to full e-texts of non-legal sources such as Cicero and Livy.





This is a portal site known as the medieval sourcebook. It contains a number of Roman law texts (extracts from the CIC mostly).





This is the newly published English translation of the Codex Iustinianus by Fred Blume. This is a much more accurate translation than that of S.P. Scott.





This is a portal site devoted to all things Roman.





This is an online version of the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum.





This is the Volterra Project on late Roman legislation.




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